Boycott the DSM-5

Members, Committee to Boycott the DSM-5

(Affiliations for identification purposes only)

Jack Carney, DSW, LCSW
Committee & Media Coordinator
Blogger & Activist
Brooklyn, New York

Frederick Ernst, Ph.D., Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Texas – Pan American
Edinburg, TX 78539

Dan Fisher, M.D., Ph.D.
Executive Director
National Coalition for Mental Health Recovery
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Courtney Fitzpatrick
Bereaved mother
Brooklyn, N.Y

Melissa Flint, Psy.D.
Assistant Professor- Clinical Psychology
Midwestern University
Glendale Arizona

Garcia Fons, M.D.
Medical Director Children's Hopsital
Montreuil sous bois 93 France &
Professor of Medicine

Karla Helbert, MS, LPC
Bereavement Specialist
Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist
MISS Foundation Support Group
Richmond, Virginia

Patrick Landman, M.D.
Researcher, Center of Research Psychoanalysis,
Medicine and Society,
University of Paris VII Diderot

Jode Freyholtz-London
Executive Director Wellness In The Woods

Gerald D.Otis, Ph.D
Clinical Psychologist & Activist
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Pr G. Pommier, PhD
Emerite Teacher in Paris VII, Psychoanalist
Member of Espace Analytique (Paris)

Nicole Scott
Web Developer, Social Media Consultant, Activist
Denver, CO

Jennifer M. Soos, LMFT
Marriage & Family Therapist
Couples and Bereavement Specialist
Program Coordinator, MISS Foundation
San Antonio, TX

Therese Steiner, M.D.
private practice

Dominique Tourres Gobert , M.D.
Researcher, Center of Research Psychoanalysis,
Medicine and Society,
University of Paris VII Diderot

Alain Vanier, M.D.
Professor of Psychopathology &
Director of Graduate Studies
University of Paris Diderot -- Paris 7

We, the undersigned, will not purchase nor will we use the new DSM-5 when it is published by the American Psychiatric Association. Further, those of us associated with professionals who use the DSM  – as persons receiving services from them or as family members, friends or advocates – will urge service providers not to use the DSM-5:

  • DSM-5 is unsafe and scientifically unsound.

Its categories or diagnoses, including newly introduced diagnoses, are not supported by scientific evidence. These diagnoses will pathologize rather than bring relief to persons in distress.

  • DSM-5 will drastically expand psychiatric diagnosis, mislabel millions of people as mentally ill, and cause unnecessary treatment with medication.

All references to psychosocial, environmental and spiritual factors have been removed from DSM-5. This sends a clear message to clinicians that treatment for persons judged to have psychiatric disorders can be reduced to the prescription of psychoactive medications, despite growing concerns of their dangers and skepticism about their effectiveness.

  • The APA has been unresponsive to widespread opposition.

The APA has been unresponsive to criticism received from professional, advocacy and lay public stakeholders during the three public reviews of its proposals.  The concerns expressed by over 14,000 signatories to the “Open Letter to the DSM-5” and the request for independent, scientific review of proposed changes to the DSM have been ignored.

  • The APA has undermined it own credibility, choosing to protect its      intellectual property and publishing profits, not the public trust.

Accordingly, we agree to boycott the DSM-5 and to urge service providers and others not to use it.  If we find ourselves obliged to employ diagnostic codes, we agree to disregard the new DSM and utilize the codes listed in the ICD-9 and the next edition of ICD, when the latter is implemented in October, 2014.



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