Have you ever dreamed of an exciting, agile, and creative career in the media and entertainment industry in screen and media? Whether you are looking for the Logie Awards, Academy Awards, or something in between, there are many learning options for your media and entertainment career at screen and media college. The media and entertainment career is constantly expanding with the creation of new technologies and platforms, making the industry more accessible and exciting than ever.


Some people say that the best thing about doing a screen and media course is learning their skills and the program used on the Hollywood scale. Now they feel they are ready to enter the industry.


Some questions that you can ask yourself are:

  • Are animation, art, fashion, design, and digital media for you?
  • Are you passionate about cinema and media?
  • Was writing and making stories fun?
  • Are you ready to work to solve this problem?
  • Did you like this game?
  • Do you like making animations? Is creating 3D characters fun?


Screen and media courses include:


  • Cinema and television
  • Broadcasting
  • Journalism
  • Live scenography
  • Direct production and services
  • 3D art and animation
  • Digital and interactive games
  • Digital media technology
  • Opportunities career
  • Camera / Photo director
  • Director
  • Editor / Post production
  • Place of recording
  • Producer
  • TV / Radio presenter
  • Motion graphics and video
  • Producer
  • Visual effects artist


A nationally recognized film and media degree skilled in performing a variety of roles in the media and screen industries. Specializing in film and TV production, broadcast, podcasts, digital animation, sound design, and game design, you’ll take your career to the next level.


  • Learn new skills

Combine theory and practice to learn the following:


  • Edit video and audio
  • Create digital animation
  • Handle camera
  • Live creative projects
  • Post-production management
  • Scenario development
  • Recording
  • Use a budget
  • Manage tight deadlines effectively
  • Develop talent


  • Develop attributes to help you move forward:


  • Creative and conceptual thinking
  • Critical and creative problem solving
  • Adaptability and self-management
  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Goal achievement


If you complete a screen and media course you will achieve the following:


A nationally recognized qualification at diploma level and a strong foundation to further your studies and advance your career path.


Why choose a screen and media course?


Open the door to the quarry. Industrial relations have led many students to work directly with a wide range of employers, including agencies, studios, galleries, and fashion houses.


  • Global perspective.

Screen and media course graduates have the technical knowledge, creative ideas, and professional skills required by employers around the world.


  • Modern arrangement.

With a specially designed creative studio and industry-standard software, you’ll learn the same industry tools as the top professionals. Industry Exhibition. Those who offer screen and media courses work with industry to deliver hands-on experiences through

creative industry networks, sponsorships, competitions, conferences, workshops and other events.


Choose a school that is recognized and respected. Most schools have built a reputation for providing industry-related, reliable and nationally recognized training.


Here is a list of possible careers you enter into if you complete a screen and media course


  • Post production editor
  • Radio presenter
  • Scriptwriter
  • Filmmaker
  • Journalist
  • Radio/podcast producer
  • Camera operator
  • Animation designer
  • SFX designer
  • Sound recordist
  • Television program producer
  • Games designer or developer


Those are some incredible potential career opportunities that lie in waiting for you to decide if you want to go forward with a diploma of screen and media in Adelaide. If you think this career path is something you wish to pursue then do not put it off any longer. Start a screen and media course today.

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