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In the current age, teenagers tend to face a great deal of pressure because of their school, their friends and their family as well. Due to all these things, teens tend to feel a great amount of pressure in wanting to be included and to be a part of everything around them.

Many a times, parents tend to feel that their teen child is showing them moods or is always having mood swings. But the thing that they need to understand is that it is not always moods that cause your child to behave in a certain way. It is sometimes a tell-tale sign of depression.

Wondering about the signs that your teen child is suffering from depression? Besides consulting with a child psychiatrist adelaide, these tips can help as well.

Always on the phone

This is a normal phenomenon for many teenagers and even adults. But there is a fine line between using your phone for enjoyment and contact and using it to escape. Generally, depressed teens are always looking for a way out from everything and to escape reality. In such a situation, they latch onto anything that takes them away and the easiest thing here is their cell phone.

If you notice that your child is almost always on the phone, then you need to sit them down and talk to them about what is happening especially if they are on their phone if everyone is around too.

Rude and irresponsible behavior

rude child

Depressed teens are known to lash out and involve themselves into activities that can be harmful for them. Take a note of the different activities that your child is involved in. If you feel that there is a sign that your teen is into smoking, drinking or worse, doing drugs then you know something is wrong with them.

Such a behavior is highly risky and can end up becoming dangerous for your child and your whole family as well because it has a huge amount of contingencies attached to it. If you find signs, then you need to take immediate action and stop them as soon as possible. If things are completely out of control, then you need to get them admitted into a rehab center so they get back to normal.

A violent streak

One of the major causes of teen depression is bullying. This often occurs when your child is not confident enough or if they cannot physically defend themselves. After successive periods of getting bullied, teens tend to turn to the other side and become violent.

They will tend to become physically abusive with everyone around them and if there is ever a situation in which they are in trouble, they will resort to using physical retaliation rather than trying to solve it out.

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