Have you ever visited a chiropractor? What kind of services did you receive? Most people in Perth think that the chiropractors in Perth are only trained to treat patients who have back and neck pains. For this reason, they may have other health issues besides these two, but still, they do not know where they can get help from. However, there are other services that chiropractors are trained in, and hence they offer a variety of services.  Most of the treatments that the chiropractors in Perth offer include therapies and exercises. In this article, we will discuss the different types of services that are offered by chiropractors in Perth.


1. Therapeutic exercise

One of the types of services that are offered by Perth chiropractic clinic – Spinebalance is therapeutic exercises.  This type of treatment is recommended for people with either neck or back problems. The main aim of the therapeutic exercises is to strengthen these body parts. The exercises are also meant to reduce the amount of pain in these body parts and also to prevent the muscles from deterioration.  For this reason, they improve joint health as well as increase the strength of the neck and back.

The chiropractors will show you the exercises that you are required to do. Once they have demonstrated the way you are expected to perform these exercises, chiropractors will supervise you as you do the exercises for some time. In case you want to heal quickly, you will need to ensure that you follow the prescription of your chiropractors when it comes to exercising.

2. Therapeutic stretches

In case you have been injured, you can also visit the chiropractors so that they can tell you how to prevent scar tissue from forming on the body part where you have been injured. The kind of services will be offered to you in case you have such issues called the therapeutic stretches. The stretches are also very important to the patients who have had an injury to their spine. When you are enrolled in therapeutic stretches, you will be assured that your tissues will be flexible, thereby increasing the mobility of the injured body parts. This, in return, will ensure that you do not get other injuries.

3. Spinal traction

Spinal traction is also another type of service that the chiropractors in Perth offer. This involves using the traction device to distract the areas that are around the spine. However, the spinal traction is mainly used to decompress the disc and reduce the pressure of the nerve root, thereby reducing the spinal pains.


4. Soft tissue manual therapy

The chiropractors in Perth use their bare hands to massage the soft tissues of the body, such as tendons, joint capsules, muscles, and ligaments.  This kind of service is known to relieve the pain that the patient is experiencing on the soft tissues.

5. Diet and nutritional counselling

Most people do not know that their body requires a balanced diet. For this reason, they end up eating imbalanced diets that lead to issues like heart disease, diabetes, cancer and stroke. Since the chiropractors have been trained in diet and nutritional counselling, they will take you through some programs that will help in ensuring that you do not eat an imbalanced diet, thereby enhancing your health.


6. Lifestyle modification counselling

Chiropractors also offer lifestyle modification counselling. Their main aim of offering this service is ensuring that you do not live a lifestyle that will bring diseases or pain in the future. For this reason, they talk to people about lifestyle choices like smoking, lack of regular exercise, use of excess alcohol and others.




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