The idea of retirement comes with an array of mixed emotions. You will find that for most people it is exciting to have all the extra time to invest in themselves and enjoy their hobbies while at the same time the free hours they get from not going to work seems like a punishment.

After retirement, you will find that it is getting more challenging to fill your days, and as much as you are enjoying the idea of being free, you miss having a routine. For most parents, the daunting experienced is enhanced by the fact that most children have left home and the grandchildren do not visit as often as you would want.

Retirement villages come in handy when one is in such a predicament. This is because they offer one the opportunity to immerse themselves in exploring their hobbies and acquiring new ones in the presence of like-minded individuals.

When you live in a retirement village, you can pack-up your things and travel or visit friends and family without worrying about leaving your home unattended. You will be around people who are also transitioning to the new phase in life, which makes it easy for you to form friendships.

Although retirement villages are meant to serve seniors, there are several assistance services you get. Hence, when you move into one, you are assured of having someone to help you whenever you need.


Questions to Ask Choosing a Retirement Village

You have the opportunity to explore the vast options on which retirement village to go to and the features you want in it. For each person, personal specifications guide their interest in a location. However, some factors remain constant. Below are some aspects that will inform your decision:

  1. Is the village accredited to provide all the services they have listed? Although they have permits and licenses to operate, you should be keen on analysing the details of their services.
  2. Where is it located? Moving out of your home does not mean you need to disappear from the familiar environment. You might still want to be connected to previous neighbours and friends. Also, your family should be able to access the retirement village without much hassle.
  3. What are the accommodation options? People have diverse tastes when It comes to their choices of accommodation. Look through the options and analyse how suitable it is to your lifestyle choice.
  4. What extra services do they offer? This is inclusive of leisure activities and medical services. Find a retirement village that covers the basics when it comes to facilities such as gyms, restaurants, bars, and community lounges.
  5. What type of companionship is permissible? This should cover the basis of whether you are permitted to bring your pets and how much your family can visit.

Prompt for comprehensive answers to these questions and enquire further on any unclear bits.


Factors to Consider

Always aim to pay a visit to the leading retirement villages in Melbourne before making the final decision. This will give you an idea of what to expect for yourself. Carefully read through the legal stipulations to understand what is required of you and the responsibility of the management to you. Finally, ensure that you communicate any medicals needs you have to give them ample time to prepare.


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